Adelyn’s Milestones

5.27.12 (3 yrs, 2 days) – First night in big girl undies. I’d say she’s officially potty trained.
5.25.12 (3 yrs) – Happy 3rd birthday, Adelyn!
2.28.12 (2 yrs, 9 mos) – Bye bye paci! First night without it. Didn’t go well (ended up taking ~4 days until she went down with less of a fight)
9.30.11 (2 yrs, 4 mos) – Officially counts to 10 (now remembers 4 and 5)! Can remember eleven and twelve too 🙂
7.18.11 (2 yrs, 1 mo) – 2 year Dr. visit. She’s finally on the growth chart for weight! 🙂 22 lbs, 12 oz (4th percentile), 34 ins (48th percentile). So proud of our growing girl. She still hates the doctor though. Was terrified, even of just being weighed.
7.16.11 (2 yrs, 1 mo) – Moved into her very own big girl room.
7.12.11 (2 yrs, 1 mo) – She can put her shoes on her feet and do up the velcro. She also loves to find her “ha-yo” (shadow)
6.17.11 (2 yrs, 3 wks) – Adelyn is a big sister!!! So far, she loves her little brother 🙂
6.7.11 (2 yrs, 1 wk) – Adelyn knows all of her colors (blue, green, yellow, red, orange, purple, white, pink, black)!
5.10.11- 5.17.11 (23 mos, 2 wks -3 wks) – Went on her first plane ride since she was 6 mos old. Handled it like a champ, although she was bored on the way back. Traveling on an airplane was old-hat for her by then!
4.14.11 (22 mos, 2 wks) – Adelyn used her big girl potty today and, boy, did she go! Between naptime and bedtime, she went #1 a total of 5 times and went #2 once!! She even brought Derek in from outside because she had to “peepee” and needed his help in opening the doors/taking off the diaper. Time for training pants???
4.5.11 (22 mos, 1 wk) – Day 2 in her big girl bed… slept from 8:45pm until 7:45am this morning!!!!!!!!! Atta girl, Addy! When she woke, she opened her door, came into our room where I was getting ready for my Dr. appt, and wanted me to come lay in bed with her. So I did 🙂
4.4.11 (22 mos, 1 wk) – Addy woke up a total of 3 times last night on her first night in her big girl bed, but she went right back to sleep after a few minutes of snuggling. She slept until 9:15am! Went down for a 2.5 hr nap with no problem.
4.3.11 (22 mos, 1 wk) – Took down Adelyn’s crib and put her big girl bed in her room! She was excited about it all afternoon/night, but was a bit nervous once bedtime came and the lights went out. Momma had to read to her a few extra times, give her some extra snuggles and then lay on the bed with her for a bit, but she let me leave the room! She is such a BIG GIRL!!
3.24.11 (21 mos, 3 wks) – I asked Addy if she wanted to read one more book (before naptime) and she said “no”. Then I asked if she was ready for her nap and she said “yes”. She’s getting to be so grown up!
3.21.11 (21 mos, 3 wks) – As we were finishing up lunch today, Addy pointed to her diaper and said “poopy”. So I let her down out of her high chair and she went off into a corner and did her business! First step towards potty training!!!!
2.20.11 (20 mos, 3 wks) – This is overdue by several weeks, probably about 1 month… Addy has all of her teeth except 2nd set of molars! What a mouthful of chompers she’s got!!!
1.2.11 (19 mos, 1 wk) – Addy’s first haircut… well, trim!! We evened out her hair so she no longer has a mullet 🙂
12.31.10 (19 mos, 1 wk) – Another bad cold, just like last Christmas/New Years.
12.9.10 (18 mos, 1 wk) – 18 month check-up at the Dr. As usual, she’s little! 19 lbs (1st percentile), 31.5 ins long (41st percentile), 18 1/4 head circumference (43rd percentile). 3 more shots, so Addy was a sad girl. And she hates being poked and looked at by the doc. A tinkerbell sticker didn’t even help.
10.11.10 (16 mos, 2 wks) – 11th tooth (bottom right lateral incisor) almost through. 12th tooth (bottom left l.i.) just starting to come up too.
9.2.10 (15 mos, 1 wk) – 10th tooth is forming ranks! Top left lateral incisor.
8.25.10 (15 mos) – 9th tooth! Top right lateral incisor.
8.2.10 (14 mos, 1 wk) – 7th and 8th teeth are through! Top molars arrived at basically the same time.
7.10.10 (13 mos, 2 wks) – 6th tooth (bottom right molar) completely broken through
7.8.10 (13 mos, 1 wk) – Left with Grandparents for first time ever. Stayed with Grandma Lo and Grandpa Joe for a week.
6.20.10 (12 mos, 3 wks) – 5th tooth! 1st first molar on bottom left. 6th tooth (1st molar on bottom right) is coming up too, but hasn’t broken through the gum yet.
6.14.10 (12 mos, 2 wks) – 12 month check-up. 16 lbs, 6 oz (1st percentile), 27.5 in long (6th percentile), 91st percentile head circumference. 4 immunizations makes for a sad baby 😦
6.12.10 (12 mos, 2 wks) – Addy walked!!! 4 steps on 3 separate occasions!!
6.6.10 (12 mos, 1 wk) – Big girl took 2 steps today, from Momma to a table!
6.4.10 (12 mos, 1 wk) – Addy can stand all by herself.
5.25.10 (12 mos) – Happy 1st birthday Adelyn!!
5.24.10 (11 mos, 4 wks) – She figured out how to climb in and out of her little red car
5.12.10 (11 mos, 2 wks) – Can see the 4th tooth cutting too, top left.
5.11.10 (11 mos, 2 wks) – 3rd tooth has cut through, top right side.  Craaanky baby.
5.5.10 (11 mos, 1 wk) – Adelyn walks behind her Pooh Bear train like a pro!
5.1.10 (11 mos) – Addy now waves by opening and closing her hands (as well as waving like a beauty queen).
4.18.10 (10 mos, 3 wks) – Adelyn pointed to Momma and said “Mama”!!!!
4.12.10 (10 mos, 2 wks) – She pulled herself up to standing in her crib this morning!  Hasn’t quite figured out how to sit back down yet.
4.11.10 (10 mos, 2 wks) – Addy likes to point at objects using her thumb and index finger, forming little pincers 🙂
4.4.10 (10 mos, 1 wk) – Addy said “dadada” to her Daddy!
3.28.10 (10 mos) – She figured out how to go from lying down to sitting upright!!!  Big girl 🙂
3.26.10 (10 mos) – Addy can open and snap the flip doors closed on her Pooh Bear train, all by herself!  Pulls herself up to standing in the bathtub.
3.19.10 (9 mos, 3 wks) – Addy loves standing.  She can stand for a few seconds at a time, all by herself.  Takes steps when holding your fingers.  Has perfected the “army crawl”.
3.7.10 (9 mos) – Addy started scoot-crawling on her tummy!!!
2.25.10 (9 mos) – Cutting her second tooth, bottom left.
2.12.10 (8 mos, 3 wk) – Addy’s first substantial snow!  She liked to touch the cold fluff, and even sampled a little of the (fresh and clean) snow.
2.3.10 (8 mos, 1 wk) –
Her first tooth is starting to cut through!!!! Bottom, right tooth. Just barely showing.
1.27.10 (7 mos, 3 wks) –
She says “Da da” and “ya ya ya”.  A talkative little girl!
1.24.10 (7 mos, 3 wks) – FINALLY sleeping through the night!!
1.20.10 (7 mos, 3 wks) –
Trying to pull up. She’s very good at standing!
12.25.09 (7 mos) –
Sick, sick little baby 😦
12.25.09 (7 mos) –
Merry Christmas!
12.2.09 (6 mos, 1 wk) –
Adelyn can REALLY sit up by herself now!
11.26.09 (6 mos, 1 dy) –
Happy Thanksgiving! Addy’s first Thanksgiving, spent in Florida with the Zivney grandparents and auntie Lindsay!
11.25.09 (6 mos)
Adelyn is great at sitting up and enjoys solids: apple sauce, pureed peaches, apple and rice cereal…
11.23.09 (5 mos, 4 wks) –
Addy’s first plane ride to West Palm Beach, FL!
10.31.09 (5 mos, 6 dys)
Happy Halloween! Adelyn is a cute little ladybug.
10.8.09 (4 mos, 1wk) –
She rolled over from back to front!!!
10.5.09 (4 mos, 1 wk) –
Adelyn moves her feet like she is tap dancing
9.25.09 (4 mos) –
Adelyn put her feet in her mouth!
9.21.09 (4 mos)
First time trying solids (baby cereal). She didn’t like it.
9.21.09 (4 mos) –
4 month check up. 12 lbs 4 oz (25th percentile), 24 inches long (45th percentile). 2nd round of vaccines.
9.15.09 (3 mos, 4 wks) –
Adelyn got up on her knees (but not her arms)
9.10.09 (3 mos, 3 wks)
We can officially say she has rolled over from front-to-back! Now to work on back-to-front.
9.5.09 (3 mos, 2wks) –
She’s starting to pass things from hand to hand. First time was with her toy keys!
8.26.09 (3 mos)
She said “Ma,ma”
8.21.09 (2 mos, 4 wks)
She grabbed and held her feet!
8.17.09 (2 mos, 4 wks)
First little cold… sniffles
8.16.09 (2 mos, 3 wks)
First full fledged laugh! See video 🙂
8.7.09 (2 mos, 2 wks)
First major giggle
8.6.09 (2 mos, 2 wks)
Holding her head up 90 degrees! She arches her feet up too so Derek calls it her “walrus pose”
7.20.09 (8 wks)
Dr.’s appt. Immunization time 😦 10 lbs 0 oz (25% percentile), 22 ins long (50th percentile)
7.12.09 (6 wks, 6 dys)
Starting to hold on tightly to things placed in her hands (besides just fingers)
7.8.09 (6 wks, 2 dys)
Getting very good at holding her head up
7.4.09 (5 wks, 5 dys)
Happy Independence Day! Baby’s first trip to a pool. Dangled her feet in the water.
6.29.09 (5 wks)
Baby’s first coos, and very first smile after recognizing Momma!!!
6.22.09 (4 wks)
Dr.’s appt. 8 lbs 1 oz (50th percentile), 21 inches long (50th percentile)
6.19.09 (3 wks, 4 dys)
First roadtrip, heading off to Austin.
6.16.09 (3 wks, 1 dy)
First official bath in the bathtub. She liked it!
6.12.09 (2 wks, 4 dys)
Sucked her thumb 🙂
6.8.09 (2 wks)
1st doctor’s appt. 7 lbs 10 ozs, 20 3/4 ins long
6.2.09 (1 wk)
Bye bye umbilical cord
5.28.09 (3 days)
Arrived home
First smile. The day after she was born, amazing.
Adelyn arrives! 6 lbs 6 ozs, 19.5 ins long


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