Pregnancy Milestones

9.19.08. Found out we’re pregnant!!!
11.12.08 (week 12). First Ultrasound Appointment. We have a wiggly baby 🙂
11.27.08 (week 14). Told our families the BIG NEWS over Thanksgiving!!!!
11.29.08 (week 14). Bought maternity pants. Much comfier.
12.1.08 (week 15). Heard Baby’s hearbeat for the first time. What a wonderful sound!
12.11.08 (week 16). Felt Baby kick for the first time. Sensation was similar to pop-corn popping.
12.15.08 (week 17). First pregnant plane ride to San Francisco, CA. Belly starting to show.
12.20.08 (week 18). 2nd Ultrasound. Baby laying low in belly, so difficult to get measurements. Good heartrate at 160 BPM.
12.25.08 (week 18). Merry Christmas! Received our first baby gifts.
12.26.08 (week 18). First time to see Zivney-side since announcing our pregnancy. Definitely starting to show and Baby is kicking up a storm.
1.1.09 (week 19). Happy New Year! Decided to make a baby blog (and keep it updated!) as a New Year Resolution.
1.21.09 (week 22). 3rd ultrasound appointment today! Heartrate 167 BPM. Got to see baby’s face 🙂
1.26.09 (week 23). Derek saw my belly move when the baby gave a big kick, and was then kicked in the ear when his head was on my belly. Too funny.
2.13.09 (week 25). Uh oh, starting to swell…
2.22.09 (week 27). First time we felt Baby hiccup!
3.6.09 (week 28). Braxton Hicks contractions are starting.
3.24.09 (week 31). I am now perfecting the pregnant waddle, and I cannot see my feet.
4.16.09 (week 34). 60% effaced, just starting to dilate!
4.23.09 (week 35). 80% effaced, dilated a fingertip.
5.3.09 (week 37). We’ve made it to full term!
5.18.09 (week 39). Had growth ultrasound and NST done. Baby looks great, weight estimated to be ~6lbs 13 oz.
5.24.09 (week 40). Contractions have started!
5.25.09 (week 40). Adelyn Lindsay is born!!

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