Colton’s Milestones

8.30.12 (14 mos, 2 weeks) – He walks!!!
6.5.12 (11 mos, 2 weeks) – Crawls on his knees! Still prefers tummy when he wants to move quickly. Loves to climb and pulls up on everything. Top right lateral incisor through (#5).
5.13.12 (10 mos, 4 weeks) – Figured out how to go from lying down to sitting upright on Mother’s Day! Also pulled up onto his knees today too.
4.27.12 (10 mos, 1 week) – First ice cream from Dairy Queen πŸ™‚
4.11.12 (9 mos, 4 weeks) – Top right tooth (tooth #3) finally broke through. Top left (#4) almost through too.
3.27.12 (9 mos, 2 wks) – Colton army crawls!
3.26.12 (9 mos, 2 wks) – He can clap his hands now and he is so proud that he knows how.
3.23.12 (9 mos, 6 days) – 9 month Dr. appt, weighs 18 lbs (11th percentile) and is 29 ins long (73rd percentile). Doc says he looks perfect! Rolls everywhere, trying to army crawl by pushing along on his toes. Can spin and face a new direction very fast.
3.18.12 (9 mos, 1 day) – First trip to the zoo.
2.25.12 (8 mos, 2 wks) – First time in a swimming pool! Had a blast, loves to kick his legs.
2.23.12 (8 mos, 1 wk) – First cold, caught it from sissy. Besides a super runny nose, he seems to be in good spirits!
1.24.12 (7 mos, 1 wk) – 6 month Dr. appt, weighs 17 lbs (22nd percentile) and is 28 ins (77th percentile). Talk about long and lean! Now feeding him solids 3 times a day. 2nd tooth broke through a few days ago.
1.14.12 (6 mos, 3 wks) – 2nd tooth almost through (Bottom right center).
12.29.11 (6 mos, 1 wk) – First tooth finally cut through his gums. (Bottom left center). Tried eating carrots this week, doesn’t mind them too much.
11.27.11 (5 mos, 1 wk) – Colton’s first airplane ride, traveled like a champ.
11.22.11 (5 mos) – Colton can sit up, although he still launches himself backwards from time to time.
11.19.11 (5 mos) – First time eating solids. He looooved it!
10.23.11 (4 mos) – Rolled over from front to back!
10.17.11 (4 mos) – 4 month check-up. Weighs 14 lbs 13 oz (51st percentile) and is 27 ins long (97th percentile!!!!)
10.3.11 (3 mos, 2 wks) – Colton has two teeth cutting through (bottom left center and lateral incisors)… he hasn’t been sleeping more than 2-3 hours at a time for the past few nights, so this would explain why. He’s not unusually fussy, but he sure does gnaw on his fist a lot!
9.30.11 (3 mos, 1 wk) – Likes to roll onto his sides. Grabs his feet and clasps his hand. Likes holding onto toys, studies them intently. Loooves his sissy. Doesn’t mind tummy time as much anymore and enjoys sitting in his bumbo. Good, strong neck!
8.24.11 (2 mos, 1 wk) – Colton likes to chew on his fist. No thumb sucking here! When he’s really hungry and sad, he cries “Maaaa. Maaaa.” Basically telling me to take a hint, woman.
8.20.11 (2 mos, 3 days) – He giggled!
8.17.11 (2 mos) – Dr. checkup and immunizations. 12 lbs (60th percentile) and 24 inches long (86th percentile). Still a long, lean boy!
8.1.11 (6 wks, 3 dys) – Neck is getting very strong. Holds head up while on your shoulder or held upright.
7.30.11 (6 wks, 1 dy) – First bath in his big boy tub.
7.28.11 (5 wks, 6 dys) – Beautiful smiles finally captured on camera!
7.22.11 (5 wks) – Getting very good at focusing on objects, has started to coo to people! Smiles when he hears Momma’s voice (first noticed by Auntie Lindsay)
7.18.11 (4 wks, 1 dy) – Byebye umbilical cord (pediatrician removed it at Adelyn’s 2 yr checkup!)
7.17.11 (4 wks) – Moved into his very own big boy room πŸ™‚
6.30.11 (2 wks) – 1st doctor’s appt! 8 lbs 8 ozs (43rd percentile), 22 ins long (92nd percentile!!)
6.22.11 (5 days) – First roadtrip to Austin. Colton peed on Momma during bathtime πŸ™‚
6.19.11 (2 days) – Arrived home
Welcome Colton! 7 lbs 11 ozs, 21 ins long


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