Need a vacation?

Way back at the end of June, the hubby and I took a week long trip to Aruba with his parents while my parents watched the kiddos. It was our first trip without kids in two years and we needed it. The most stressful thing we did on the trip? Trying to decide if we wanted to go to the beach or the pool. Or where to eat dinner. Oh, and when my maxi skirt got caught in the airport escalator on the way home. That was kind of scary. {{I managed to yank my skirt out before I ended up half naked in front of a baggage claim full of people… yikes.}}.

Just looking through these photos makes me feel relaxed. Come, join me on a trip to Aruba!

The Aruba International Film Festival was going on while we were there.

Richard Kind!

Lindsay Zivney! Nancy Zivney! {{We walked the (deserted) red carpet after dinner.}}

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary in Aruba! {{Happy Anniversary, dear husband. Love you!}}

We booked a 2-stop catamaran snorkeling trip as our anniversary present.

Oh look, two more celebrity sightings.

Last full day in Aruba.

How I spent a majority of every day. Reading the “Game of Thrones” series. (SOOOOOO good!)


It was a fantastic trip, but we sure were excited to see these little faces when we got home. 🙂

Thank you, Dan and Nancy, for inviting us on such a great trip! And thanks, Mom and Dad, for watching the kids so we could go on such a great trip! Can’t wait til next year!! 😉

Adelyn is 3 years, 3.5 months old and Colton is 15 months old.


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