Monthly Update – 11 mos old

Colton is 11 months old!

Well, uh… I haven’t done a monthly update for Colton in 3 months. I’m ashamed. These past few months have been filled with change for him and I haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping up with it. {{2nd child stereotype fulfilled.}}

::sigh:: But here we go!

At 11 months old, Colton:

  • Takes 1-2 naps a day, depending on what time he wakes up in the morning. Goes to bed between 7-8pm, depending on his last nap. He still wakes up 1-2 times a night, but as of tonight, we are knocking those out. No more night feedings! We are slowly starting to wean…

  • Has his four front teeth. Those top ones are massive! I remember thinking the same thing when Addy got her top front ones… “How can baby teeth look so big?!”. It’s no wonder he was a cranky bear when they were breaking through his gums (and, boy, was he cranky). He had a very tough time sleeping for about a week at the beginning of April as the teeth came through. He “nursed” (I use quotations because he didn’t really eat, he just wanted the comfort) every 1.5-2 hrs at night and ended up sleeping in our bed on a couple of occasions – a first for him.

{{After a rough couple of nights.}}

  • Loves eating. Seriously, this kid could eat all day. He’s a slow eater, but has yet to reject anything we’ve put in front of him. He’s an avocado aficionado, enjoys corn on the cob and limes! He nurses 4X a day, but as I mentioned above, we are starting the weaning process. I’m going to miss feeling his foot turning in circles against my arm as he lays there.

{{Corn is a good teething toy.}}

{{So is a carrot.}}

{{Don’t forget about ice cream!}}

  • Loves to use his pincer fingers to feed himself cheerios, cheese, ham, banana, noodles, anything!
    • Has hair that is getting longer and wilder. It is getting so long, it’s even starting to curl. I wonder if I let it grow out if it would be as curly as Addy’s??

    {{Hair at the beginning of March.}}

    {{Hair at the beginning of May.}}

    Colton has even tried his hand at styling his hair a few times.

    • Has incredible blue eyes that people can’t help but comment about.

    • Went swimming for the first time at the end of February and had a blast kicking in the water. He’s a real little fishy.

    • Loves to play with everything from boxes, to trains, to footballs.

    {{He’s a natural with that football!}}

    He got a bit too excited about his foam football and did this to it with his teeth, though:

    • Also a huge fan of the park and slides…


    …sprinkler time…

    …playing peek-a-boo…

    …and swinging, especially when Addy pushes him.

    {{Look at the concentration.}}

    • Really, he loves anything to do with his sister. There have been a few incidents of hair pulling (non-intentional on his part) and toy-taking that have resulted in tears and screams, but that’s what having siblings is all about, right??

    I think the feeling of love is mutual.

    • Is a very happy boy but he can pierce your eardrums when he’s angry or frustrated. Seriously, he screams. Don’t you dare take a toy away from him! He is bossy like his sister (and, let’s face it, they get it from their Momma), and he’s not afraid to let you know what he thinks.




    • Army crawls, pulls up to his knees, and has figured out how to go from lying down to sitting upright. And he is so proud of his accomplishments! All this mobility has definitely given him an independent streak, and he no longer has time to sit still. Time to change a diaper? I don’t think so.
    • Trills his tongue, makes lots of noises and he says “Mamamama”, but no “Dada” yet. He loves his Daddy though! Other forms of communication include shrieks, squeals and screams. Loud ones, so he can get your attention. He’s a noisy boy. 🙂
    • {{Trilling his tongue.}}

      {{My boys, after destroying a box of kleenex.}}

    • Nicknames this month include: Bear, Bear Bear, Foosa, Foosa bear

    Adelyn is 2 years, 11.75 months old and Colton is 11 months old.


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