The big 2-9.

It was Derek’s 29th birthday yesterday!

Wouldn’t it be great if the birthday boy (or girl) could take the day off work on their birthday? That would be fun. 🙂 But alas, Derek had to work yesterday so the kids and I spent the day cleaning, making cupcakes and wrapping a few little gifts!

While Colton was busy helping me sweep the floor with his belly… {{oh ya, he’s army crawling now! Post to come.}}

Addy helped me bake cupcakes and whip up some icing.

{{Colton said “Can I try some icing too?”}}

Ta-Da! Playing around with new icing techniques.

Believe it or not, Addy took these next two pics while I iced the rest of the cupcakes:

Yum yum.

Of course, we had to sample one to make sure they were edible for Daddy.

Next, we wrapped the Daddy’s presents. When I asked Adelyn what she wanted to give Daddy for his birthday, she thought for a second and then said “Candles!”. So, we went shopping and she picked out these two candles all by herself. Isn’t she thoughtful?? {{Side note: Momma made sure they smelled good before we made the purchase because some candles? They are stinky.}}

{{Colton tried to get in on the wrapping and help out too.}}

Daddy did manage to come home an hour early, so when we heard the garage door opening, Addy hid under the table so she could jump out and yell “Suprise!”.

As to be expected, Addy helped Daddy open his presents…

And both kids helped him blow out his cupcake birthday candle.

Happy birthday to the best hubby (and Daddy) anyone could ask for!! We love you! 🙂

Adelyn is 2 years, 10 months old and Colton is 9 months, 1.5 weeks old.


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  2. I love all of Addy’s pictures, and it looks like Derek had a great birthday! I must say we should switch Jenny/ Johnny jump ups though, Ellie’s is Navy blue 🙂 No matter what color they are my little lady loves hers and it looks like your little man does as well!

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