In between the holidays

I know I said I would post Christmas pics next, but let’s cover the bit of ground between Thanksgiving and Christmas first.

I showed you how it was beginning to look like Christmas around our house here.

While it was looking like Christmas, it still wasn’t really feeling like Christmas. Actually, it felt more like fall. Comfortably cool weather, beautiful red and orange foliage… you know, fall.

It finally started to get cold…

Hey look, ice!

Perhaps the arrival of the cold weather had something to do with this guy, who journeyed all the way from the North Pole. Readers, meet Henry.

Henry is our Elf on a Shelf, sent all the way down here from Santa himself. Every day, Henry watches over the kids and then at night, he flies back to the North Pole to give his report to Santa (you know, whether or not the kids were “good, for goodness sake”). Every morning we found him in a new place. He managed to get into Addy’s stocking…

and ride a reindeer…

He even hung from a light fixture, got caught in a cage and sat on a wall clock. He’s a silly elf, that Henry.

Anyway, the cold weather and arrival of Henry helped launch us into the Christmas spirit. We decided to make Christmas treats, both for us and for our neighbors.

Making fudge with Daddy.

Addy says “It’s goooooddd.”

The makings of Triple Chocolate Whoopie Pies. Oh yes.

I made one and it was literally >1/3 of the size of Addy’s face. So instead of using two cookies, we cut each cookie in half and put the filling in the middle. Much more reasonable.

We wrapped up the treats for the neighbors…

And then hand delivered them the weekend before Christmas. I think this will be a fun tradition we will continue every Christmas!

Speaking of tradition, we had our 2nd annual Christmas dinner with our neighbors. We have dinner at one house, dessert at the other, and exchange a few small gifts. Such a fun thing to do with our friends 🙂

The Thursday before Christmas (and the day before we headed down to Austin), the underside of our tree was looking pretty full…

so we opened a few gifts from Derek’s side of the family.

Addy tears through presents like it’s her job, so before long we had a pile of awesome gifts.

Some of her favorite gifts were a “sparkle shirt” (shirt with sequins on it), a clock that teaches you how to tell time, and a barbie purse with a pretend cellphone and lipstick. Colton was content watching the whole spectacle from the comfort of Daddy’s lap. You just know that next year he will be all up in the action!

And with that, NOW we move on to Christmas pics. 🙂

Adelyn is 2 years, 7.75 months old and Colton is 7 months, 2 days old.


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