Monthly Update – 7 mos old

Colton is 7 months old!

I missed the 6-month monthly update for Colton, so I should have lots to tell y’all!  I weighed him the other day and he was 17.8 lbs, so by the time he visits the Dr. next week for his 6 month well-child checkup (a bit backwards, I know), he may just have broken 18 lbs! My big boy. 🙂

Colton can roll both directions, but he rarely rolls onto his tummy. If he can reach a toy by staying on his side and stretching his arms as far as he can, he will. And then he rolls back onto his back. He spends most of his day sitting up and playing with his toys that way, he finds it much easier. Can’t blame him! He now OFFICIALLY has one tooth broken all the way through his gums (bottom left center), with the second tooth right about to cut through (bottom right center). I can see at least two other teeth on the bottom just sitting there, ready to make the lil’ man’s gums hurt when they decide to finally emerge.

Right before Thanksgiving, we fed him his first bites of “solid” food and he went nuts for it. He ate rice cereal and oatmeal for a while, but after a couple episodes of projectile vomiting, we stopped giving him anything. We waited about two weeks before offering him anything to eat, and when he was practically attacking us to get to our food, we started giving him some veggies. First came carrots, then peas, and most recently butternut squash. He is loving the squash.

{{Side note: I’ve been making his baby food and I’ve found an easy way to do it. I cook up and puree a big batch at a time, and then freeze the mixture in an ice cube tray. Then, once the veggies are frozen, I pop them all into a ziplock baggy labeled with the date and the type of veggie. Perfect serving sizes! I just grab one or two of the frozen blocks of veggies and defrost them when we have dinner.}}

Since Colton was doing great with the veggies, we reintroduced a very small amount of oatmeal at lunchtime on Sunday. He kept it down, so I think we’ll be slowly re-introducing rice cereal to make sure his tummy can handle it. Originally we wondered if it was a food sensitivity that caused all the spit ups and projectile vomiting, but now I think his system was just overloaded with too much of a new thing. Anyway, he loves to eat and loves to use a sippy cup like a big boy.

At 7 months old, Colton:

  • Still takes 2-3 naps a day, although it’s dropping more towards the “2x a day” side. Morning naps are usually pretty long (2+ hrs), and afternoon naps are shorter. Goes to bed between 7-8pm, depending on his last nap. He has been waking up a lot at night recently. Probably due to teeth, but it might also be due to tummy gas pains from the veggies.
  • Isn’t nearly as scared around strangers as he was even a month ago.
  • Loves solid food and drinking from a sippy cup! Still nurses every 3-4 hrs during the day and at night.

  • Is a little daredevil who enjoys riding his horsey bareback.
  • Loves our cats. He likes to grab their fur when they’re nearby.

  • Has a trademark expression for when he’s studying something intently – eyebrows up, mouth slightly open.

  • Enjoys a good cup o’ joe before starting his day.

  • Loves to “wrassle” with Daddy and Adelyn.

  • Is an oil man, just like his Daddy. Loves the pump jacks!

  • Is the handsomest (and happiest) boy in the whole wide world! 🙂

  • Nicknames this month include: Bear, Bear Bear

Adelyn is 2 years, 7.75 months old and Colton is 7 months old.


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