Food, glorious food.

I’ve come to the realization that I no longer have a newborn. You’re thinking, “Duh Lindsay. Colton is 5 months old.”

Sure, I know he rolls over and likes to sit up and talks to his sissy. But he’s still my little newborn! I only had him last week! Err, right…

Tonight? My eyes were opened to the truth.

Tonight? My youngest child ate rice cereal.

Let me try that again.

My youngest child ate rice cereal. And LIKED it.

I’m talking full-out, mouth-open-like-a-baby-bird, trying-to-reach-for-the-spoon, liked it.


Colton is 5 months old. I wanted to wait until he was 6 months before introducing “solids” (the rice cereal concoction we whipped up was more of a liquid), but because he hasn’t been sleeping well at night, we decided to go ahead and at least try it out. Maybe he’s just hungry, we thought.

Darn tootin’ he was hungry. It’s like the boy-child was starved and he’d never tasted anything so gloriously delicious.

{{Cleaning off Colton’s chin. PS. Derek just finished mowing the yard, that’s why he’s all dirty. My hubby doesn’t usually look like he’s rolled around in the dirt ;)}}

Overall, Colton loved it. He downed an entire bowl of rice cereal. A bowl, you guys. And he acted like he wanted more! He seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience, sitting up at the table with us, eating his dinner while we enjoyed ours. (Breakfast for dinner, in case any of you were wondering…) He was totally and completely ready for solids, and didn’t even grimace or spit out any of the bites. I’m so proud of my big boy!

Before I know it (21 years from now Colton, don’t get any ideas…), this is something we’ll be seeing.

Again, I say Waaaaahhhhhhhhh.

PS. It totally looks like he’s got a mouthful of beer, doesn’t it? Hehehe. But he doesn’t. Believe me, he doesn’t.

PPS. I have video of his first bites, but I can’t get them off the camera. Grrr… will add them later.

Adelyn is 2 years, 5.99 months old and Colton is 5 months, 3 days old.


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