Monthly Update – 4 mos old

Colton is 4 months old!

We had our 4 month checkup at the Dr. yesterday. Ready for some stats?? Colton weighs 14 lbs 13 oz (51st percentile) and is 27 inches long (97th percentile)!!!!!!!!!!! He fits nicely into 6 month sleepers now, which is crazy to me. Last month I went to a giant children’s consignment sale in Tyler, TX and bought basically all of Addy and Colton’s fall/winter clothing… but now I’m worried that Colton will have outgrown some of the pants and long-sleeved tops before he even gets to wear it. {Haven’t you heard? It was 89 degrees here two days ago. In the middle of October. Yeahhh… too hot for pants and long sleeves. But a cold front is on it’s way!}

Colton is holding his head up very well and is coming around to the idea of tummy time. He likes to roll onto his side, but hasn’t managed to roll over his arm to get onto his tummy yet. He likes to be held facing outwards so he can see the world… especially if the person holding him is not his Momma or Daddy. He gets a bit sad when he realizes he isn’t being held by one of his parents. 😉 And he has three teeth that are almost poking through his gums. Talk about a chomping, drooling machine, this one.

At 4 months old, Colton:

  • Takes 2-3 naps a day. Morning naps are usually pretty long (2+ hrs), and afternoon naps are shorter. Goes to bed between 7-8pm, depending on his last nap. Wakes up 2-3 times a night. He’s very easy to put back down though – he just eats, then goes back to sleep.
  • Still eats every 3 hours or so during the day, goes longer in between feedings at night.
  • Enjoyed his first trip to the zoo with Auntie Mikaela.

  • Helps Momma get her craft on.

  • Showed us why he should be a male model.

  • And has already been at the mercy of a big sissy. {{Oh Colton, this is only the beginning…}}

{Hey look, a sneak peak at Colton’s crab costume!}

  • Nicknames this month include: Bear, Bub, Bubba, Buster, Buster Brown, Bubba bear, Baby, Handsome, Co-ton
  • Adelyn is 2 years, 4.5 months old and Colton is 4 months, 1 day old.


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