Monthly Update – 2 years, 3 mos

How about some recent updates about Adelyn, hmm?

Adelyn sleeps in her big girl room (which I still haven’t shown you pictures of yet! Must do that soon…).  Goes down around 8pm, wakes up around 8am and still rocks her afternoon naps (at least 1.5 hrs).  She doesn’t come out of her room though… I always have to go get her. It’s kind of nice, really, but at the same time I have no idea when she really wakes up. Sometimes she’s awake when I get her, other times she’s still sleeping.  It’s always a surprise!  Unless I can hear her talking in there, then it’s pretty obvious…

She has really started expanding her vocabulary. I think that since Colton has been born, she has matured a lot in a very short time. She’s such a BIG little girl now.  🙂 Here are some of my favorite sayings:

  • I dude it – I do it
  • baboooo – bless you
  • nounous – noodles
  • ya yous – Love you
  • peepas – pizza
  • wawools – waffles
  • tars – stars
  • down-up – pumpjack
  • memeek – Mickey (Mouse)

Here are some of the names she has for people:

  • yiyis – Lindsay
  • kim – Kim
  • kaya/kiya/kayla – Mikaela
  • nouyous – Nova
  • mimi – Millie
  • brama – Grandma

And my personal favorite?

  • toltec – Colton

Addy’s Favorites:

    • We recently turned her car seat around so she now faces forward and she l.o.v.e.s it! She takes full advantage of her improved view, commenting on everything she sees. Oh look! Traffic lights, “Red, pots {stop}, green, go” {although “Green, go” sounds more like “gringo”…}! Trucks! Down-ups! ChooChootrain!!!!

    • Speaking of which, she loves choochootrains.  She loves choochootracks. Train crossings? Yep. ChooChooPomas (aka Thomas the Train)? You betcha.  She does think they are a bit too loud, but that doesn’t deter her… she likes to watch them in downtown Gladewater, clinging to your neck as they go by.

    • Play-Doh and paint.  She goes bonkers over paint!  Watercolor, acrylic, glow-in-the-dark… you name it, she loves it.  Maybe she’ll be an artist?

{Painting Millie’s portrait, perhaps?}

    • Swimming.  She calls swimming pools “cools”.  Makes sense to me!

    • Going for walks, and bringing different toys with her when we go.

{Clifford and a baby doll}

{Mickey Mouse}

{Her umbrella, which serves two purposes…}

{To provide shade…}

{Or act as a walking stick.}

    • She also enjoys wearing her new shoes in the house.

    • Mickey Mouse Club House. How do I explain the love she has for Mickey? She stands in front of the TV like this for the entire (20 min) episode, just to make sure she’s right up in the action. She dances and sings along to the songs. It is pure toddler love.

    • Bubble baths!

{Look how long her hair is!!}


  • Thunder. She turns into a clam, grabbing onto Momma or Daddy and burying her head in our shoulder. We think this fear stemmed from her being outside with Daddy when a storm was brewing and lightning struck nearby.  Derek said it was deafening, so I suppose that makes sense…
  • Her remote control car. Say wha’?! Brama and Grandpa gave her a cute little remote control car for Christmas and she hates the thing. Even mentioning her remote control car makes her frantic. Something about the noise it makes, maybe? Weirdest fear ever.

Would you care for an anecdote that illustrates how grown up Addy is?

The other day, the house was unusually quiet so I went to look for Addy. I found her in her room, laying on her bed, changing her own diaper. That’s right folks, you read that correctly. Apparently she had a peepee diaper and she didn’t want to wait for Momma to change it, so she took the initiative and removed it herself, got her wipes, wiped, and then laid down on her new diaper.

THEN, after I helped her put her new diaper on, she headed into Colton’s room and grabbed his boppy and a bib. She took them into the kitchen, climbed up onto a kitchen chair and then proceeded to “nurse” her baby doll, just like Momma nurses Colton.

What did I tell ya? Grown up, right?

The last two bits of “babyhood” that are hanging on right now are her pacis and her diapers. She only gets her pacis at naptime and bedtime, but we’ve decided that that’s two times too many. So, we are drawing the line. We are going to prick the tips of her pacis with a pin so that they are “broken”, and then we’ll see how things go. Also, as of yesterday we’re officially trying to potty train, but she just does NOT want to make it easy. You may recall she was super psyched when we first got her potty, but then we slacked off (hmm, having a baby may have something to do with that…) and she just hasn’t gotten back into it. I mean, the whole changing-her-own-diaper thing makes us think that she is definitely ready to be potty trained. We ask her “Where do you put your poopy and peepee?” and she yells “Potty!”, but when we say “Okay, let’s go put our peepee in the potty”, it’s a real battle. Moreso when it comes to #2. Yesterday, she wore her big girl panties all day and went peepee in the potty every single time, but poopy? Flat out refused. Even though she had to go (I know the signs…), no amount of bribery could sway her. We spent about 2 hrs yesterday evening going back and forth to the bathroom just trying to get her to go, but still no poopy by bedtime. Hopefully today, after some serious cajoling and and praising and bribing, she’ll give in and “go with the flow”… in the potty.

Adelyn is 2 years, 3 months old and Colton is 2 months old, 1 week old.


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