Colton’s early days

Way back when…

…when Colton was only 5 days old (umm, he’s 52 days old now)…

…when Adelyn had just been inaugurated as a big sis…

…when I still looked several months pregnant…

…we took a trip to Austin. We did it partly for a change in scenery, partly so I could have some extra help when Derek went back to work, and partly to help Addy ease into her role as big sister (and no longer being an only child). Adelyn spent lots of time with (and got lots of attention from) “Brama” and Grandpa, which, in my opinion, definitely helped make that transition easier.

Colton did things like this…

And this…

You know, that newborn gig of sleeping all the time. That allowed Momma to get a bit of rest while Brama and Addy played during the day.

Would you care to see a video???

He’s a noisy sleeper…

While we were there, Auntie Mikaela came to town to spend some quality time with her niece and nephew.

Showing off Colton’s outfit. Little boy blue!

Colton, Auntie Mikaela, Brama and Addy relaxing on the couch.

Junior, my parents cat, took an interest in the new addition too.

Meanwhile, Adelyn had plenty of fun!

She learned how to walk in flip flops…

Spent lots of time coloring…

Practiced her foot work…
{Let’s all take a moment to appreciate her ballerina-esque pose. Lovely.}

But by far the most exciting part of the trip for Addy was the time spent at the pool.

Checking out the splash area with Grandpa and Daddy.

She practiced jumping into Grandpa’s arms.

And practiced her bubble-blowing skills with Brama.

Addy even learned how to dunk under the water!

Colton enjoyed a bit of outdoor time at the pool too.

After a nice visit there, we came home and a few days later {when Colton was only 11 days old} Gram Z and Pops came to visit us. Unfortunately, it was a very short visit and we only took a couple of pictures, but they’re still worth posting!

Pops and Addy toasting the newest member of the Zivney family.

The grandparents and their grandchildren!

Next time you visit, Pops and Gram Z, we will take more pictures!!

Adelyn is 2 years, 2 months old and Colton is 7 weeks, 3 day old.


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