Adelyn’s 2nd birthday

Hey, didya hear?

Our daughter turned TWO!!!! I can hardly believe it. But then I realize, “well, we are about to have a second child” and maybe I can believe it. She is turning into such a big girl.

So, let me tell you about her birthday party! Her theme? This didn’t take too much thought. Addy loves the movie Finding Nemo. Loooooves it. And because Addy was born at the end of May when temperatures are a million degrees, we have to have water present at her party, right? So an Under The Sea theme was perfect. I did some research, started planning early, and with {a ton} of help from my family, I’d say the party went off without a hitch!


To begin, I want to show y’all some of the decor:

I made this life preserver to welcome our guests when they first arrived at our house. Super easy to make! I used a styrofoam ring (Hobby Lobby), took my trusty hot glue gun and glued red and white felt around the ring. I found some white cord and twisted it to act as the accent rope, and then used black puff paint to write out our name. Voila! Life preserver for an underwater party!

Part of the indoor decor, inspired by this cute birthday party. Again, easy to do – blue tulle (Hobby Lobby), a couple different shades of blue balloons (local dollar store), blue table cloth (dollar store), colorful fish (Oriental Trading Co.), inflatable octopus (Hobby Lobby) and a few handmade starfish (thanks Mikaela!)

Part of the outside seating area. More blue tulle (Hobby Lobby), fishing nets (Oriental Trading Co.), wooden turtle bowl (already owned), large clam shells (already owned) and small shells collected from the beach during our trip to Florida!

Goodie bags! I decorated the little blue totes bags (Target, 3/$1) using felt and iron-on adhesive. I designed with the little underwater critters myself, and had fun doing it! My favorite is the whale 🙂 Filled with Goldfish, underwater shaped fruit snacks, fishy bubbles, and fishy squirt toy.

We also had a bubble machine at the party (best $8 I’ve spent in a long time!), two inflatable pools and a sprinkler ring. Oh yes, and a gigantic whale that my Dad inflated with his very own lungs. Seriously. It was gigantic. Right Dad?

And although this may not interest anyone, I’d like to remember it: Menu included grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, chips and salsa, tortellini pasta salad, fruit salad, and of course, CAKE!


And now, the rest of the pics from the day: preparation thru party!

My family arrived several hours before the party to help me finish up with the decorating and food prep (you know, since I was 36 weeks pregnant and all…). Thank goodness for their help! Poor Derek was already running around doing last minute things, so it was great to have the 8 extra hands to help out.

Mikaela was in charge of the fruit salad.

Mom was busy working on decorating Addy’s underwater cake.

Poor Dad was tasked with blowing up the ginormous whale. (You will be happy to know, Dad, that the whale is still inflated!)

Kim was at my beck and call in terms of decorating (so was Mikaela after she was through with the fruit salad). “I think that fish needs to go over there. A little higher. More balloons. Hmm, maybe try putting another tack over there?” Way to go, sisters.


Even the birthday girl got in on the preparation action, helping to fill up the pools.

She’s so excited!!

Fill ‘er up, Daddy.

Addy also had to make sure the lemonade was sweetened and stirred just right.

Auntie Kim giving P-squared a little lovin’.

Let’s get this party started! Addy had a good time splashing in the pools, even though some of the recipients of said splashing may not have enjoyed it as much (sorry Kenna!).

Addy and a beached whale. See?? GIGANTIC!!!!

Our neighbor, Hannah Clare, just enjoying her ring!

Addy’s 2nd cousin, Kenna, playing with the inflatable underwater creatures. I think those were a hit!

Benjy and Addy chasing the bubbles.

Wheeee, whales are fun!

Daddy, the chef. 🙂

Running through the sprinkler ring with lil’ Matt.

Basically the entire party! A fun group of people 🙂

Gracie, Addy and lil’ Matt in the “big kid” pool.

My mom, Grandma Lo, with Great-Grandmother and Great-Granddad Dollins.

Thinking about what a fun time she’s having.

Checking out the fishies with Daddy.

Is it time for cake yet?!?!?!

Check out the awesome cake my Mom made! A graham cracker and kitkat pier, swedish fish, gummy sharks, gummy lifesavers, raisinets, …she even used fondant to make Nemo, the jelly fish, starfish, turtle and seagulls! It was awesome 🙂

Blowing out the candles!

The cake was definitely approved.

The one “mishap” at the party? We forgot to hand out the goodie bags. ::facepalm:: After all that work too. Luckily everyone lived nearby (except little Kenna June, who came all the way from Dallas!) so we were able to hand them out over the next few days. Don’t worry, KJ, we’ve still got your goodie bag!

All in all, I’d say it was a great party and I think everyone had a fun time! Adelyn was given all sorts of neat and wonderful gifts, so she has lots to keep her busy and entertained when P-squared gets here. Thanks everyone for coming and sharing Addy’s special day with us!

I have more pics from the rest of the weekend, but that will be in a separate post. Right now, Momma needs a nap. 😉

Adelyn is 2 years, 3 weeks old and I am 38 weeks, 5 days pregnant.


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