Florida! Pt. 3

The final installment (it’s about time!)

{Florida! Pt 1. and Florida! Pt 2.}


Day 6
Exciting morning! We watched the very last launch of the space shuttle Endeavour… from Pops and Gram Z’s house! While we couldn’t actually see the shuttle take off (we watched that part on the TV), we looked out about 15 seconds after take-off and could see the shuttle rocketing upwards. SO neat! And something to check off my bucket list. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the pool, of course.

Ready to witness the final launch of Endeavour!

Dan was able to zoom in with his awesome camera and snap this shot. How neat is this?!

Watching the Endeavour go after we lost sight of it.

The aftermath. Amazing!

And now, back to the water! Testing the temperature…

Working the controls.

She turned the bubbles on all by herself. Yayyyyy!

Talk about jumping in with your eyes closed!

Working on her foot work with Daddy.

Nice shot of Derek and Gram Z. Too bad Addy wasn’t paying attention. Again, too busy with the hot tub controls.

Addy and Gram Z playing!

Taking a moment to unwind by reading nursery rhymes with Daddy.

Looking at pictures on Gram Z’s camera.

Day 7
Going home. Luckily our flight was an evening flight, so Pops, Addy and Momma were able to spend one last chunk of time in the pool while Daddy and Gram Z played a round of golf 🙂

Addy liked to march around the ledge of the hot tub.

Addy and Pops!

Ready, get set…


Saying goodbye to Bobby the bookworm. We had a great trip!!

Thanks, Pops and Gram Z, for having us over! It won’t be too long before we’re back again (plans for Thanksgiving in FL), but Addy may be disappointed to find out that the pool might not be warm enough for her daily swim. That’s what the hot tub is for, right?! 🙂

Adelyn is 2 years, 2 weeks old and I am 37 weeks, 4 days pregnant… but I was only 34 weeks on this trip…


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