Florida! Pt. 2

In case you missed it, here’s the link to Florida! Pt 1.


As a quick recap, Days 1 and 2 were mostly spent lounging by the pool, enjoying the outdoors and being chased by Gram Z in the evenings. Good fun!

Day 3
Time for a boat ride on the Zivney’s new boat, Play Hard! This day also happened to be Friday the 13th, and as luck would have it… it was an unlucky day. Addy was not happy to be out on the boat, mostly because she missed her morning swim (that’s sure to make anyone cranky). So she was ultra grouchy and spent almost the entire trip whining, crying and throwing fits, making it hard for any of us to really enjoy the time out there. Then a fresh water hose sprung a leak and dumped a ton of fresh water into the engine room. And then the fuel injector pump on one of the engines broke… tough trip. But at least we got to get out on the water! And we even spotted some dolphins!

Arriving at the Marina.

Addy wanted to check out some of the other boats nearby too.

I would call this one unhappy child.

Trying to make the most of it.

Derek was happy as a clam ! Can you tell that he wants a boat?

Game face on.

Derek and Pops, getting things ready before we head out!

Gram Z and Addy

Studying the water, looking a lil cranky… (not you, Gram Z ;))

Captain Pops and Co-captain Daddy

Comforting his cranky daughter.

Look, dolphins! We think they were…mating.

Is that… could that be a… a small smile? Of course, this was once we had docked and were getting ready to leave. Oh well, next time will be better!

Day 4
We decided to make a spur of the moment trip to Bathtub Beach, a strip of beach that is sheltered by a live reef. The day we went was pretty windy so there were decent sized waves further off shore, but within the reef area, it was quite nice. This was Adelyn’s first trip to the beach (EVER) and she had a pretty good time!

Checking out the surf and the people in it.

Heading down to the water.

Wave to Daddy!

Momma, Addy and Pops, getting comfortable with the waves.

She liked the feel of the sand.

Daddy and Addy playing.

Lunch time! I see you in there.

Just was we were leaving the beach, clouds started to roll in and we ended up getting a nice rain storm that afternoon (a much needed rainstorm. They are in a drought over there!). After a nice nap, Addy did some major coloring. Well actually, she did major coloring every day. Doesn’t she look like a little school girl??

She works so hard.

Day 5
More swimming in the pool, with the added bonus of an early birthday party for Addy and Momma! Oh, and a very exciting moment… Adelyn caught her first fish! Believe it.

Trying on her new shoes.

She is such a model. We asked her to show us her shoes and she totally worked the runway. We didn’t even tell her to put her hands on her hips, she just started to strut her stuff! 🙂

Taking Pops for a walk with her new shoes.

Lovely, Adelyn!

Admiring the cake Gram Z and Pops got her.

“One, two, we, go!”

Blow that candle out, girl!


Feeding herself cake. She’s a big girl now.

Doing some early evening fishing with Daddy.

Helping Daddy with the reel. He would cast out, she would reel the bait in.

Except one time, she actually caught a FISH! Her first one ever! Look at that sucker!!

Hoping to catch another fish.

I’d call this some quality Daddy-Daughter time.

{Days 6 and 7 coming soon!}

Adelyn is 2 years, 1 week old and I am 37 weeks pregnant… but I was only 34 weeks on this trip…


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