I’ve been working in the oil field…

We went to visit Daddy out in the oil patch as a pumping unit was being moved from one well to another. Talk about an operation.

This is the pumpjack that was to be moved.

No biggie, just a couple of wires, chains and pulleys.

Off with it’s (horse)head!

Yes, that would be the base of the unit off the ground.

The pumpjack’s new home.

Addy was a bit nervous of the noisy trucks…

but she soon stepped up and began to tell those men what to do.

Adelyn is a very attentive supervisor.

“Hmm, they need to turn it a bit more this way…”

Putting the horsehead back on. Almost done!

Of course, Addy insisted we take a trip around the lease to make sure everything else was in order.

Like I said, she’s a very attentive supervisor.

Adelyn is 23 months, 2 weeks old and I am 33 weeks, 4 days pregnant.


One response

  1. She is certainly her mother’s daughter in that first picture. Reads Lindsay all over the place!

    What a sweetie. Have fun in Florida!

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