An assortment of pics from my phone

*some photos aren’t the greatest quality, but hey, they were taken with a cell phone.

Adelyn still loves her scooter.

She is her Daddy’s daughter. Loves to visit the pumpjacks near our house and watch them go up and down.

Momma was washing her car, so Addy decided to wash her sports car too.

She loves a good book.

She accessorized herself. Momma’s necklace, paired with her rodeo boots from last year.

She knows to use the umbrella when it’s raining and wet out.

She’s an outdoor baby!

Wearing her oven mitt so she can help Momma make oatmeal for breakfast.

I just love this pic. More use of accessories.

She saw this hat at Hobby Lobby and wanted to wear it 🙂

Wearing Eating a biscuit with jam for a midmorning snack.

She told me “Noooo” when I tried to take a picture of her blowing bubbles.

Watering the flowerbed with her tea kettle.

Adelyn is 23 months, 1 week old and I am 32 weeks, 6 days pregnant.


One response

  1. Thank you for sending such a nice assortment of daily events. She is so smart, pretty and adventuresome. I am amazed that she doesn’t tear her books!!!! Love Gram

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