Happy Easter!

We spent a beautiful Easter weekend in Austin with my parents and sisters.

Unfortunately, Adelyn started getting sick the day we arrived and it developed into a full blown cold by Easter Sunday so she was pretty cranky and miserable throughout the weekend, especially at bedtime and naptime. (Stuffy nose, anyone?) She didn’t even get the chance to wear the Easter dress I made for her on Easter Sunday! Sad day. And now Momma and Daddy have caught her cold, so we are feeling miserable too. But she’s doing much better now.

Anyway, despite the cold, we had a wonderful time with the whole family! We hope you all had lovely Easter celebrations as well!


Playing with Grandpa Joe

What could this be?? Grandma Lo and Grandpa Joe made Addy a special Easter present…

Tearing the paper off…

It’s an Addy-sized oven!

And she even gets her own pots and pans to cook with!!!!!

Checking out her awesome gift.

She had a blast playing with the stove the entire weekend. She was quite the little chef and made some delicious “soups” and “stews”.

Check out her use of “spices” here.

Very good job pouring the water, Addy.

She was so careful not to spill her tea kettle after filling it with water.

Learning how to blow bubbles!

Popsicle break with Auntie Kim.

Goldfish snack break with Daddy.

And now, back to cooking!

It’s very important to keep one’s feet clean while cooking.

And if you get too hot while cooking, you can cool off with a dip in a bucket!

Enjoying Easter breakfast before we hunt for eggs.

Mmmm, bacon.

Look at what the Easter bunny brought her! A delicious chocolate bunny, and he even filled up the Easter Egg basket that Momma made (see bottom of page for an aside about that)!

Her favorite part? The coloring book and crayons. She even skipped the chocolate so she could color. Whose child is this?! (She eventually came back to the chocolate though… in fact, she’s been eating chocolate eggs non-stop since we came back home. She’s addicted.)

After the egg hunt, we checked out the goodies in the easter eggs. She was sweet enough to share all of her candies with the family!

After all the candy consumption, we went for a nice family walk.

What a great weekend!!

I made Adelyn an Easter egg basket for the Easter bunny to fill up, and thought I’d share a pic of it up close.

It was super easy! I followed this tutorial from HMH Designs and I love the way it turned out. I even had the same purple flower ribbon they used!! I remember making something similar way back in elementary school, so it was neat to recreate something from my childhood for Addy. 🙂

Adelyn is 23 months old and I am 31 weeks, 4 days pregnant.


2 responses

  1. Lindsay! It looks like yall had a wonderful weekend, except for the sick part! But I really had to comment on the photo of your sister Kim with Addie and the bubble! Excellent photo! Superb! I love it! Great job, I love your arts and crafts Easter Egg too! It awesome! Btw, how long do you think it will last? Just for one season? Or years to come?

    Well, great blog post! Tell Derek Howdy!
    Chelsea McGovern

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