Easter Egg Hunt

Guess what Adelyn did last weekend?

She went to her very first East Egg Hunt! And she even met the Easter bunny!

Scoping out her “competition”, the other 2 year olds. ::wink, wink::

She collected a total of 3 eggs! We almost lost her green Shrek egg to a super eager 2 yr old boy who saw it in her basket and wanted it (BADLY) but luckily his Momma steered him towards the unclaimed eggs instead. 😉

Inspecting her eggs and prizes.

After the egg hunt, we settled down for a picnic lunch! Of course, dessert was consumed first.

Even our little neighbor Hannah Clare enjoyed the Easter fun!

Addy decided that she wanted to go exploring a bit more through the fields, so off she went with Daddy.

And by golly, look what she found!

Another egg to add to her collection!

Of course, we had to take a spin on the choo choo train, Addy’s latest obsession, before we headed home for the day.

And by “we”, I mean Addy and Momma, because Daddy is just too tall to fit into the barrel. That’s right folks, the pregnant lady managed to squeeze in, and Addy had a blast. She wanted to ride it again and again, but alas, the other kids needed turns as well.

This was good practice for the Easter egg hunt we will do with my parents and sisters this weekend. I hope she’s ready, because she is going to have to have a lot of Easter eggs to collect!

Adelyn is 22 months old, 4 weeks old and I am 30 weeks, 6 days pregnant.


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