So how did Adelyn do?

I’d say she rocked her big girl bed!

Starting from bedtime last night…

Addy was super excited about her big girl bed. During the whole nighttime routine, she kept pointing and saying “Bee Beh” (big bed). When the lights were finally off and the door was closed however, she seemed a bit nervous. So Momma read to her and rocked her in the rocking chair as usual. We snuggled for a bit and then I lay her down on her bed. She wasn’t quite ready for me to leave yet, so I lay down next to her and rubbed her back for a bit. When I tried to leave, she started to sit up but I told her it was bed time. Then I asked if she wanted one more book and she nodded, so we read through it. Then she said “One mo'” in a wobbly voice that made me squeeze her tight because I knew she was feeling a bit scared, so we read it again. After we finished, we cuddled a bit longer and then I put her down one more time. I asked if she wanted me to lay down with her again and she nodded so I put my head down on the bed. She grabbed her pacis and Mr. Bear and hid her face for a while. I finally said goodnight and managed to get out the door. That was at 8:45pm.

We didn’t hear from her again until 2:45am!

I think she just woke up and didn’t realize where she was, because she started to cry quietly and she just sounded so sad. It broke my heart. So I went in there and rocked with her for a while and then put her back on the bed, where she grabbed Mr. Bear and her handful of pacis again. I was able to say goodnight and sneak back out after a few extra kisses and back rubs. Time in room: ~10 mins.

She woke back up at 3:45am and then again when Derek left for work at 6:30am, but each time we did the same thing…. rocked for a bit, and then back to the bed we went. And I got to go back to our bed after about 10 minutes. What time did she officially wake up this morning? 9:15am!! She managed to sleep through the majority of a thunderstorm (I have no idea how), but one particularly loud crack of lightning jolted her awake. She’s been running in and out of her room ever since, wanting to be on her big girl bed.

So as I said, overall, she rocked the big girl bed. I mean, it would have been even more amazing if she hadn’t woken up at all, but we anticipated a few late night calls. Plus, neither Derek nor I were sleeping very well last night… I guess I was keeping my ears open for her. We are so proud of our big girl!!!!!!

Now we’ll see how naptime goes…

Adelyn is 22 months, 1 week old and I am 28 weeks, 2 days pregnant.


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