Feeding the ducks and geese

We took Adelyn to Lake Gladewater to feed the ducks for the first time on Sunday! It was cooooold, but we braved the weather nonetheless. As soon as we parked and stared walking down towards the water, the geese came after us. They knew what we were there for.

The greedy little birds.

Let’s just say Addy wasn’t too sure about them coming up to her!

Poor girl looks a bit nervous, doesn’t she?

They even had me on the run. Talk about some aggressive birds.

Addy was much happier feeding them from Daddy’s arms.

Tossing some bread to the ducks and geese.

We liked this guy because he couldn’t squawk. He tried, but no sound came out. Poor guy.

She got pretty good at tossing in the bread!


Getting to be a bit more comfortable with the birds.

They liked to sneak up from behind when you weren’t watching them.


The funny-looking non-talker.

Just a goose, waiting for his close-up.

Good times at the Lake!

Adelyn is 22 months old and I am 27 weeks, 4 days pregnant.


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