Gram Z

Gram Z came to visit us from Florida two weekends ago! The weather was SO beautiful during her visit that we spent most of the time outside. Seriously. When we weren’t either napping or eating, I think we were outside. Gotta love springtime!

First thing after picking his Mom up from the airport, Derek took her down to visit his oil lease.

Next stop, park. Of course! No rest for the weary, right Gram Z?? πŸ™‚

I like this pic because you can see Addy saying “Cheeeeeese”!

Addy helped Daddy prepare dinner.

And she played peek-a-boo with Gram Z.

We also spent some quality time at the Great-Grandparent’s house.

Addy and Gram Z practiced their piano duet.

Hitting the high notes!

Addy made sure she brought her little baby with her. This baby is much more manageable than the big one Santa gave her for Christmas…

Swinging with Great-Grandmother.

Snacking on a (sour) grape.

Admiring the lovely bead necklace she found.

Where are the beads?

And then Addy decided to tear apart a Camellia flower and toss it into the fountain.

Watching Daddy watering the grass.

The light is so bright!

Oh ya, there was another trip to the park.

And we also spent some time watching Daddy mow the lawn. Adelyn pranced around with her flag to cheer him on. Maybe she will be in color guard in high school, just like Auntie Mikaela!

Loving on Daddy.

On Sunday, we were invited to spend the afternoon at Derek’s fire chief’s pond, catching catfish and enjoying a whole bunch of food that had been in the smoker all day. Yummmm!

Addy spent a good portion of the time tossing rocks into the water. Gram Z joked that she probably raised the water level by a foot with the number of rocks she threw in!

Tossing rocks when she should be eating dinner…

Okay, she has time for a quick bite to eat on the run.

And the best part of the meal? The dessert of course.

“Come give me a kiss, Gram Z!”

Relaxing after a nice meal.

Adelyn loves her Daddy, and Daddy loves his Adelyn.

Since this was the last evening before Gram Z went home, we played outside until it was nice and dark. Addy and Gram Z chased each other…

… played hide-and-seek behind the holly bush…

… and chased each other some more. Watch out, Gram Z’s gonna getcha!

We even tossed the frisbee around. This is Adelyn’s “Frisbee” stance. Nice and wide so she can catch that frisbee.

Watch her in action. She’s getting pretty good. And check out that stance around 0:50 sec. Impressive, isn’t it?

Adelyn is 22 months old and I am 27 weeks, 3 days pregnant.


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  1. I just looked back over this post and I am in love with Adelyn’s ‘facepalm’ picture. Gonna have to keep that around for times where we have our “DOH!” moments πŸ™‚

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