Auntie Kim!

I’m way behind.

Auntie Kim came to visit us three weekends ago (already three weekends ago??!?!)! We hadn’t seen her since Thanksgiving, if you can believe it. The great thing was that Addy was totally excited to see her. No shyness, not even when she first arrived.

And look at what Auntie brought! A giant giraffe!! {Among other things… including girl scout cookies and sushi (not raw). Yay!!!}

Addy made Auntie Kim get a good workout. They “flew” back and forth across the yard maannny times, right Kim??

And when we went out to dinner that night, Adelyn helped Auntie Kim with her straw.

And then drank almost all of her coke.

The next evening, Addy wanted to be pulled back and forth along the dining room floor.

Perhaps I should have attached a mop to her jeans?

She kept begging Auntie for “one mo'”… and it wasn’t too hard to persuade Auntie to do it (see ~1:30 sec).


Oh, and guess where we went before Auntie had to go home? Why, the park, of course!

Best part about plastic slides? The static.

Taking a break from all the action.

What a great weekend!

Adelyn is 21 months, 3 weeks old and I am 26 weeks, 3 days pregnant.


One response

  1. 1) I look like I’m about to chuck Addie in that one picture
    2) I waddle when I drag Addie around
    3) She has those persuasive skills down pat.

    So happy I got to come see y’all. Hopefully we can meet up again in a couple weeks here 🙂

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