Mrs. Lee’s Garden

On Sunday, we went to Mrs. Lee’s Garden, a huge tract of land (almost 900 acres) that is covered in daffodils, but only from February to March (when they bloom!).

Location? Maybe 20 minutes from our house.

Cost? Free.


And it really was. The weather wasn’t super sunny, but it was warm and comfortable. We also went early enough that the place wasn’t overrun with people, giving us the chance to take some great photos.

The flowers were stunning. Addy loved roaming free. She even made some friends! We may go back again before the daffodils have stopped blooming but if we don’t make it back this year, we will definitely go next year. I think we will make it an annual tradition!


First arriving at the Garden.

There were so many different types and colors of daffodils. All so beautiful!

A family shot! Silly smile, Addy 🙂

She was thinking so hard.

A replica of the cabin where Mrs. Lee spent time relaxing and enjoying her goregeous flowers.

I love this photo montage. There was a neat bridge near the cabin and Addy had a good time running from one end of it to the other, as you can see:

Oh girl!

There was this neat little tea party set-up in a huge patch of daffodils, and we probably shouldn’t have…

but we did.

What a beautiful way to welcome spring!

Adelyn is 21 months, 2 weeks old and I am 25 weeks, 3 days pregnant.


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