How Momma and Daddy almost had heart attacks.

See this?

This right here?

That would be the impression from 3 of Adelyn’s top teeth. On our coffee table.

We were watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Club House, Addy’s new obsession (oh boy, more on this later). She tried to slide forward off our couch (nothing unusual there), but she leaned too far forward and fell headfirst. Sank her chompers into the table.

Did I mention I nearly died?

She cried for a minute, wanted some cuddles and then she insisted we turn “hot dog” back on (we had paused the show). No blood, no puffy lip, nothing.

Just an anxious Momma and Daddy, trying to recover from death-by-heart-attack.

Bless her little iron teeth.

Adelyn is 21 months, 1 week old and I am 24 weeks, 3 days pregnant.


4 responses

  1. Oh bless her heart! I am happy to hear she has no injuries, the same thing happened to my niece at about the same age and she was not so lucky. My sister tried her best to save the teeth with braces and other things but eventually they did fall out and they are just now coming back in at age 7. PS I have the same coffee table as you, we love all the compartments!

    • Yikes!! Addy has been fine since the “incident”, so I’m really hoping that that’s it… no tooth loss! ::knock on wood:: Maybe the coffee table is just super soft wood 🙂

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