Our sneaky girl


  • Momma was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner.
  • Daddy was outside, tending to the grill.
  • Adelyn was…hmmm, where was she?

It was quiet. Too quiet. So Momma went to look for our little troublemaker.

I found her in the living room. She had picked up one of her favorite books, A teeny tiny baby by Amy Schwartz, climbed into Daddy’s recliner and was busy reading.

To herself!

(At first I thought she had turned the TV on too, but then I remembered that the TV comes on when our DVR records a show, so the TV wasn’t her doing…)

Anyway. As I was saying, our 21 month old daughter was reading her book aloud, pointing out the pictures and doing the hand motions that we do when we read to her.

I melt!

I mean seriously, mop me up off the floor. When did our teeny tiny baby become such a big independent girl?? Oh ya, when she became a toddler.

This video is funny because of Millie’s reaction at the 0:25 sec mark. Cracks. Me. Up!!

Adelyn is 21 months, 1 week old and I am 23 weeks, 6 days pregnant.


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