Monthly Update – 21 months

Accomplishments this month: She knocks on doors with the back of her hand; she will shut a door and then try to open it using the door knob (still too short to master that trick yet); opens and shuts our backyard gates; starting to pose for pictures now instead of running away like she used to! Is quite capable at communicating, even if it’s through gibberish. Vocab is expanding and she’s great at using made-up sign language to get her point across (for example, see favorite songs).

Personality: Loves to cuddle when reading, gives big hugs and kisses when saying goodbye (including to our neighbors!). Opinionated and will give you a look with her eyebrows furrowed when she doesn’t like something. Very helpful too! Acts shy when strangers first talk to her, but offers them smiles and quickly warms up to them.

Sleep habits: ~12 hrs a night, and she goes down between 7:30-8:30pm.  One nap a day, for 1.5-3 hrs. She doesn’t cry/complain when she wakes up now. Instead, she plays or talks until I come get her. That’s a much nicer way to wake up!


  • Songs: Skinamarink (she holds her elbow and shakes her hand, just like the hand movement in the song), The hokey pokey, If you’re happy and you know it, Old McDonald, The wheels on the bus (she calls it “bus”), Rock a bye baby (especially when sung when holding her baby doll), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (“tar”), Itsy Bitsy Spider (touches pointer fingers and thumb fingers together to make a spider), and of course the usual dance hits and nursery rhymes. She tries to sing along sometimes too!
  • Foods: cheeseburger; tortellinis; cheese sticks; clementines; peaches and pineapple; nutrigrain bars; quaker oatmeal bars; roast chicken, carrots and mashed potatoes; soup, especially with noodles; homemade mac ‘n cheese; pizza; sneaking chips and dip; cheese; yogurt; oranges, orange juice; tuna; apple sauce; eggs; sweet potato fries; tomatoes; sausage; all dipping sauces… she will eat most anything if it’s cut up into small enough pieces.
  • Activities: Reading; brushing her teeth; brushing Momma’s hair; going for walks; coloring with chalk; playing “mermaid” in the bathtub by lying on her tummy and flipping her feet (“tail”) up in the air (maybe we should watch The Little Mermaid soon!); going to the library; playing at the playground with Daddy on the weekends; standing on a chair and helping Momma “cook” in the kitchen (she does help prepare some meals…usually by putting things into bowls); roasting marshmallows on the grill; helping Daddy prepare the grill; pushing her stroller around the mall; learning new dance moves; wearing Momma’s necklaces; playing in Momma’s closet; washing cars (aka playing in the soapy water);
  • Words: mermay (mermaid); cha (chalk); wah (walk); bubble; wowers (flowers); uh oh; wow; ya; no; bowl; ball; wa wa (water); dankoo (thank you); peeeeees (please – said in a high pitched voice); mooo (cow); baaa (sheep); bzzzzz (bees); neigh (horse); *snort* (pig); rahr *plus a hand gesture of a claw* (lion and/or tiger); maow (cat); woo woo (dog); pumpa (pump jack); wehwoh (window); doh (door); oo oo ahh (monkey)

Dislikes: being told “No”, sitting in her car seat

Weight: ~20 lbs

Extra: her favorite books are Llama Llama books and Dr. Seuss books. She likes to imitate people (she watched the librarian laugh and cover her face, so Addy giggled and covered her face too). When you mention the word “firetruck”, Addy gasps and look around with hands out as if to say “Where??”.

Also, Addy is finally starting to wear 18-mos sized clothing. I bought a pair of 18 month pants that have an adjustable waist and, holy cow, they are awesome!! Why don’t ALL children’s clothing have adjustable waistbands?? She’s always had a small waist and while the length of the 18 mos clothes is great, I’ve had to tighten the waist all the way to the stops. I think that’s the best invention ever. Adjustable waistbands for kids. Awesome. SONOMA life + style, keep making those jeans! Maybe I need to buy some in bigger sizes for next year too…


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