Monthly Update – 20 months

Accomplishments this month: She loves to be asked questions so she can point things out. Ex. Where’s the clock? Where’s the truck? etc. She is learning new words every day and it shows! When she doesn’t know a word, she looks at you with her head tilted to the side, wanting you to show her. She’s a little sponge!

Personality: still lovey, but can pitch a fit when she wants to (for example, when she doesn’t want to wear a particular pair of shoes. You would not believe the screams and shrieks that come out of this girl). Loves, loves, loves being with other kids, whether they are older (neighbors Gracie and Benji, ages 7 and 4) or younger (Hannah Clare, 8 mos). Hopefully she will love her little sibling as much…

Sleep habits: 11-12 hrs a night, and she goes down between 7:30-8:30pm.  One nap a day, for 1.5-3 hrs. Thinking of making the transition to a big girl bed soon (eep!!!)


  • Songs: Old McDonald, The wheels on the bus, Rock a bye baby (especially when sung when holding her baby doll); dance hits; nursery rhymes; anything with a good beat. Loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider, 5 Little Piggies, Round and round the garden, Pat a cake (nursery rhymes with hand motions to go with them)
  • Foods: nutrigrain bars; quaker oatmeal bars; roast chicken, carrots and mashed potatoes; soup, especially with noodles; homemade mac ‘n cheese; pizza; sneaking chips and dip; cheese; yogurt; oranges, orange juice; tuna; apple sauce; eggs; sweet potato fries; tomatoes; hamburger; sausage; all dipping sauces
  • Activities: loves making animal sounds (sheep, cows, horses, etc.), coloring!!!!; brushing her teeth; dancing; playing the piano; going to the park to play on the slides; reading books; sitting in her rocking chair; helping rearrange the pots/pans/tupperware in the kitchen; going for walks; taking her baby for walks in her baby stroller; playing in the snow; swinging outside; doing the hand motions to “Itsy Bitsy Spider”; “pushing” people over and then pulling them back up; putting coins in her giant piggy bank; climbing on furniture and then sliding off.
  • Word: bubble; wowers (flowers); uh oh; wow; ya; no; bowl; ball; wa wa (water); dankoo (thank you); mooo (cow); baaa (sheep); bzzzzz (bees); neigh (horse); *snort* (pig); rahr *plus a hand gesture of a claw* (lion and/or tiger); maow (cat); woo woo (dog); pumpa (pump jack); wehwoh (window); doh (door)

Dislikes: being told “No”, sitting in her car seat

Weight: ~19.5 lbs

Extra: She has developed a new dance move that we have dubbed “The Stevie Wonder”. She tilts her head back, closes her eyes and waggles her head back and forth as she twists to the music. It is too funny. I need to get a video of it!


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