Monthly Update – 19 months

Accomplishments this month: vocabulary is really starting to build. She understands everything, all the commands/things you ask her to do;

Personality: loves to give kisses; enjoys being the boss and telling people what to do (just like her Momma!); she’s really starting to throw tantrums now… as in, full out screaming, crying and throwing things. Ahhh, toddlerhood.

Sleep habits: 11-12 hrs a night, and she goes down between 7:30-8:30pm.  One nap a day, although she’s starting to fight it because she just wants to play allll day long. When she does go down, she still naps for 1.5-3 hrs.


  • Songs: dance hits; nursery rhymes; anything with a good beat. Loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider, 5 Little Piggies, Round and round the garden, Pat a cake (nursery rhymes with hand motions to go with them)
  • Foods: Bodacious BBQ sausage; goldfish crackers; salsa; pineapple; oatmeal; graham crackers and cream cheese; grapes; apple sauce; squash; pancakes; peaches; plums; bananas; homemade pizza; all cheeses; lasagna; any noodles; tomato; ranch dressing and ketchup; turkey (or ham) and cheese sammiches (just not the bread…); toast with jam, popsicles; yogurt; ice cream sandwiches… and all the sorts of other sweets, including cookies, smarties and candy canes.
  • Activities: coloring!!!!; playing the piano; reading books; looking at the Christmas lights and decorations, particularly Santa and snowmen; swinging outside; doing the hand motions to “Itsy Bitsy Spider”; “pushing” people over and then pulling them back up; climbing on furniture and then sliding off.
  • Word: uh oh, no (boy is she good at this one), Mama, Dada, ball, more, moh (Moon), ooo ahh ahh (for a monkey), boom boom (for her new favorite book, Chicka Chicka ABC); dankoo (thank you); i ooo (i love you); maow (meow); woo woo (woof woof); tato (tractor); santa!; mowma (snow man)

Dislikes: being told “No”. Oh, how she hates to be told “No”.

Weight: 19 lbs


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