Gladewater Christmas Parade

Derek’s fire department was in the Gladewater Christmas Parade, and we got to ride in the fire truck with him! Addy had a blast waving to the spectators and looking at all the Christmas lights.

Here are the two fire trucks, all nicely decorated with Christmas lights!

Showing Daddy her favorite float, the one that was covered in blue lights.

We even spotted Derek’s grandparents at the parade!

Some pretty lights on the parade route. They looked blue, so Addy loved them (although I’m pretty sure these were white LED lights…)

Cloggers! They danced the entire time the float was moving, so that was pretty neat to see.

Adelyn is 18 months and 3 weeks old.


2 responses

  1. How very exciting to be in a Fire Truck and be in the parade as well. It looked very Christmas-ey. I am glad I recieve notification of the new blogging.

    Merry Christmas to all the family. Gram

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