Welcome to the internet, P-squared!

We had our first OB visit today and got to see little P-squared on an ultrasound! I think the pregnancy feels more real after you see that little wiggly peanut moving on the screen, ya know? Yes, the morning sickness and exhaustion and breakouts and mood swings are great reminders that something is happening in your body, but actually seeing the little baby in there really drives the point home.

We are having a second baby.

P-squared is measuring right on track at 11 weeks (I’ll be 11 weeks on Saturday). Roughly 4 cms long! Heart rate was nice and fast at 166 bpm, and the ultrasound tech said everything looked great. So without further ado, P-squared’s first picture!:

(Head is on the left, arm is up in front of the face)

For comparison purposes, here are Addy’s first ultrasound pics, taken at 12 wks.

Addy was very interested in what was on the ultrasound screen and kept looking back and forth between my “bey bun” (belly button) and the screen, trying to figure out where the little baby we kept talking about was hiding. I think when Momma’s tummy gets bigger, then maybe she’ll understand a bit more. 🙂

Adelyn is 18 mos and 1 week old, and I am 10 wks, 5 days pregnant.


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