White Oak Fall Festival

Halloween Post 1:

We went to a Fall Festival up at the White Oak High School on Oct 30, giving Addy the chance to try out her costume before the big night. I was so worried she wouldn’t put it on, but she did! And she put up with it! Atta girl šŸ™‚

Adam, Hannah Clare, and Addy at the festival!

She loves duckies. She played at this station for a while. And then threw a bit of a fit when we moved on.

But a lollipop helped smooth things over.

Mmmm, blue raspberry. Matches her costume!

We received many compliments, many inquiries as to where we bought the costume (and some shocked faces when they found out I made it myself!), and waited while several people snapped pictures. Addy liked the attention, that’s for sure. She had a great time!

Yay Addy, for wearing your peacock costume!!

Adelyn is 17 months old.


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