The Zoo

We went to the Zoo with our friends two weekends ago.

This was Adelyn’s second time going to the zoo (and Hannah Clare’s first), and now that Addy’s older we think she enjoyed it even more.

A little pre-zoo fun with Daddy. She likes to go fast!

Hannah Clare and Rachel, ready for some zoo time!

I think Addy’s favorite animals were the flamingos, just like last time. They were in the first exhibit we stopped at, and she stood there watching them for a while.

Parrots are such pretty creatures. What great colors.

Even Hannah Clare liked watching ’em!

If we had let her, Addy would have climbed through the fences. But we didn’t. Aren’t we good parents?

The Momma anteater had a baby anteater in September and he was sleeping on her back as she paced around. He looks all snuggled in there.

Our good friends Adam, Hannah Clare, and Rachel!

Beautiful cheetah.

Addy likes looking at the big kitties.

Good friends 🙂

More pretty birds that Addy liked.

Time for lunch, of course.

Even the giraffe thought so!

Photo op for the Mommas. We’re good friends too 🙂

Derek liked this tortoise.

Addy decided to be a free-range baby and go visit with other zoo-goers. She’s very social, you know.

Big Kitty is so tired. It’s a rough life being king of the jungle, er, zoo.

Family photo op at the end of the day! We love the zoo.

Hannah Clare does too!

Adelyn is 16 months and 3 weeks old.


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