Fun at the playground

We love to go on family walks down to the park. Adelyn insists on walking because she’s a big girl and that’s what big girls do.

Hi Momma!

Sometimes as we head down the street, we attract the interest of others.

On this day, our neighbors’ cat, Kate, wanted some love and attention. Kate and Addy are good friends.

Addy decides when we continue on. She is, after all, eager to get to the park.

Once we get down to the playground, it’s all Addy can do to keep from climbing the fence to get in.

9/25/2010 – Addy really wants to get into the playground! (16 mos old)

Addy is a big fan of the tunnels.

We think the blue tunnel matches her eyes!

What do you think?

Big girl also likes to cross bridges.

And she loves slides.

And of course (as you may have noticed), another fun aspect of going to the playground is making friends! Addy has quite the knack for attracting the attention of fellow children, primarily little girls who think she is cute and just want to pick her up.

Exhibit A: Charity, age 8.

Can you blame her? Addy is just so hugable and pick-up-able!

Adelyn is 16 months and 1 week old.


3 responses

  1. Are those mosquito bites on my little Addy’s legs? Those East TX mosquitoes are vicious…
    Cute pictures. Looks like she is having a great time.

    • They sure are mosquito bites… Poor child’s legs were covered from one night of being out around dusk.  It’s amazing that they didn’t seem to bother her though, no scratching!

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