Auntie Mikaela’s Aggie Ring Day

Last Friday, while on our way to Austin for the weekend, we stopped in College Station for my sister Mikaela’s Aggie Ring Day!

For the benefit of our non-Aggie readers, the Aggie Ring is a pretty big deal. Here’s a brief overview, courtesy of the Aggie Network:

“The Aggie Ring is the most visible symbol of the Aggie Network that connects Aggies around the world. Dating back over a hundred years, it is a tradition that is deep in symbolism. Every symbol represents values every Aggie should hold: Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service. Those that have earned the right to wear the Aggie Ring have cleared some of the toughest requirements in the country for a class ring; thus making it one of the most treasured items an Aggie possesses.”

As I said, it’s a big deal.

So, back to our story. Sitting in the car for 3.5 hrs is no fun, so Addy found an entertaining way to pass the time on the drive from East Texas…

Once we arrived in College Station, we checked out our old stomping grounds – mainly, the Halbouty Geosciences building! Ah, the good ol’ days 🙂

It sure is different walking into Halbouty carrying a toddler and a sippy cup instead of a backpack and my Nalgene bottle!

We then had lunch with my parents and sisters before they went to get Mikaela’s Aggie Ring and we headed to Austin.

Big girl likes to stand during lunch!

Aggie Sisters

2 out of 3 with their Aggie Rings. Soon to be 3 out of 3!

Addy and Auntie Mikaela

Addy and Auntie Kim

The family waiting to get the ring…

Kim showing Mikaela her new ring!!

Gig ‘Em Aggies!

Yay Mikaela!

Family photo (minus us)

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key, mostly just playing with the kittens. 🙂 Addy did enjoy a delicious ice cream sandwich or two.

You think she likes it?

Grandma Lo and Grandpa Joe brought back a beautiful new dress for Addy from their trip to Mexico! Hey look, she’s got a sandal tan!

Adelyn is 15 months and 4 weeks old.


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