A girl and her cat, part 2.

Nova looks cranky…

because we have a new member of the family!

Meet Millie, the newest Zivney.

She’s a sweet little kitty who loves cuddling, be it with other kittens…

Or with her new Momma (or Daddy).

Addy loves to play with her.

And Millie follows Addy around too, so I think the feeling is mutual.

She’s even made herself at home in Addy’s Little People Play House, so I guess that means she’s here to stay!

Nova isn’t too keen about having a new kitten encroaching on her territory, and she “tells” Millie this every time they cross paths. Hopefully she’ll warm up to Millie soon so they can be friends. Best friends!

Adelyn is 15 months and 4 weeks old.


2 responses

  1. Great pictures! You can see in the couch shot that she has extra toes in back. You can only see 5; the 6th one is her “thumb” up on the leg a bit, but those back paws look huge πŸ™‚

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