A diaper explosion…

But not in the way you are thinking.

I was being a good housewife/momma and doing some of Addy’s laundry yesterday. I took her hamper and tossed her clothes into the washing machine. Fast forward 30 minutes or so to when I go back to toss the clothes in the dryer. I start moving the clothes over when I pick up an unusually heavy bunch of clothes. I sort through them and find…

a water-logged diaper.

When they say don’t put a diaper in a pool because the water absorbing beads will explode? It’s true.

The front seam of the diaper had opened and water-logged beads went everywhere. On the clothes and all over the washing machine…

Now, you may be wondering how a diaper got into the mix of her clothing. That’s easy. Sometimes we give Addy a clean diaper to play with while she’s on the changing table. She inevitably ends up tossing the diaper onto the floor, but sometimes it lands in her hamper (which sits right next to the changing table)… and when a distracted housewife isn’t paying attention when sorting clothes, said diaper ends up in the washing machine.

And then, said distracted housewife has to wash the clothes twice.

Adelyn is 15 months and and 3 weeks old.


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