Dollins family reunion

I know, I know…

Finally, another post!

Last weekend, Derek’s parents and sister came to visit us! Last time Gram Z and Pops were here, the visit did not go as planned, so they had a great time giving Addy lots of love and attention this time around.

Addy getting ready to have dinner with her Great-Grandparents, Auntie Lindsay and Pops

Daddy, Gram Z and Addy

While everyone was here, we went to Clifton, TX for the 78th annual family reunion on Derek’s Mom’s side of the family. We had 4 generations there! We had fun swimming in the pool and playing Bingo on Saturday night:

As soon as we got to the hotel, Addy wanted us to read to her.

Auntie Lindsay was happy to indulge her.

Goin' swimming

Water baby

Auntie Lindsay, Addy, Momma and Gram Z

Waving to her fans

Sunday was filled with socializing and eating. There was lots of delicious food there… so much food, in fact, that we came home with several lbs of brisket and sausage. I froze half of it, but I’m running out of ways to use up the rest of it. Seriously. You can only have brisket sandwiches for so many days. Haha! Just kidding! I’ve also made brisket-taco soup, and sausage kabobs…

Happy girl!

Playing with Pops, Gram Z and Auntie

Taking a break with Daddy on the swings

4 generations!

We can’t wait until next year!

Adelyn is 14 months old.


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