Our anniversary

Despite another early morning with Addy (5:30am….::yawn::), we had a nice anniversary on Sunday!

We enjoyed some delicious watermelon:

Daddy read to Addy and really got into character:

You're wearing my hat, Daddy!

Here, let me show you how to do it.

And on Sunday night, our friends from down the street babysat Addy while we went to dinner at a Japanese Hibachi grill. It was deeeelicious.

Flaming onion volcano!

It always feels weird going out just the two of us, but it was so nice getting the chance to relax and just worry about feeding ourselves 🙂 Thank you, Smiths, for letting us get away for a few hours!!

PS. This was the first time we left Addy with a non-family member babysitter! She was already in bed when the Smiths came over and slept the entire time they were here, so all in all, Addy did great! Haha.
Adelyn is 13 months old.


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