Monthly Update – 13 months

Accomplishments this month: can stand up all by herself; she walks!!; 5th tooth has appeared (first molar, bottom left); 6th tooth (first molar, bottom right) coming up; learning to put the right shapes into the right holes on her fisher price toy!

Personality: Very cuddly and loves to laugh; had a touch of separation anxiety; temper tantrums consist of lying flat on the ground with her head buried in her arms


  • Songs: she likes toddler tunes and 90s dance music
  • Foods: pineapple, peaches, tortellini, eggs, pot roast, cooked carrots, banana, cheese, noodles, avocado, cheerios, icing, ice cream, yogurt, blueberries, homemade pizza, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes.
  • Activities: swimming in pools; petting Nova; walking with her beach ball/book in her hands; pushing her umbrella stroller; handing her books to people so that they will read to her; chasing after balloons and balls in the hallway; dancing to music; lifting her dress over her head when playing peekaboo; going to the rodeo; playing with her supermaze bead and wire toy (thanks Smith family!); cuddling with her snuggle bear; “bathing” herself during bathtime.
  • Word: Maow (Answer to: What does a cat say?); Ba (for ball, balloon and book);  uh uh uh (means “Here Momma/Daddy, take this from me”)

Dislikes: Being picked up if she’s busy exploring (ex. in Target); sitting still in church;

Weight: According to Dr., she weighs 16lbs 6 oz (1st percentile) and is 27.5 inches long (6th percentile).  Head circumference puts her in the 91st percentile.


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