5 things…

I have a bunch of little anecdotes floating around in my brain, so I thought I’d combine them into one semi-large post!

1.  We had a lovely Father’s Day!  However, what I said about Daddy waking up at 5:30am on Father’s Day was true…  We couldn’t get Addy to go back to bed, so Derek took her for a walk at 6:30am.  So much for sleeping in!  The rest of the day was nice and low-key.  Church, lunch, family nap (Cranky Addy really fought her nap but finally fell asleep on my lap after lunch, so we decided to all have a rest).  Derek’s Grandparents invited us to a fish fry at their church for dinner, and we all had a great time.  An a cappella group performed during dinner and Addy loved listening to them.  She clapped and bounced in her high chair along with the beat.  She sure likes music!

She found her baby tub and decided to play in it. With socks. Thankfully, the socks are clean.

2.  For the past couple nights, Addy has been bathing herself.  That’s right!  After watching us for months, she knows that her body wash goes on her arms, legs and tummy and not in her mouth (for the most part).  Of course we make sure she actually gets clean, but her imitation skills astound me.  She’s so smart.

Getting some soap!

3.  Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve been weaning Addy. We’ve gone from 3-4 feedings down to a single feeding before bedtime.  And last night, we dropped that bedtime feeding!  So I am officially done breastfeeding Adelyn.  I’m sad.  I’m happy.  It’s a mixed bag… Overall, my nursing experience was a very good one and I’ve loved that bonding time with Addy, so I’m bummed that it’s over.  But it sure will be freeing, not having to nurse anymore! We’ve been giving Addy whole milk and, man, she sucks that stuff down.  She loves it, but we think it may be making her tummy cramp.  I’m hoping she’s not sensitive to lactose so we’ll keep an eye on that.

4.  I spotted Addy’s 5th tooth a few days ago and get this:  it’s a molar!  She’s got her 4 front teeth, and now her first molar.  And then this morning, I felt the 2nd first molar coming up on the other side.  She’s got a mouth full of chompers.  I guess it’s a good thing I’ve stopped nursing…  yeeeeouch.  She definitely has her cranky moments too, so I know those big suckers must hurt. I mean, look at the size of the molars compared to the incisors!:

Addy has her 1st first molar (bottom left)!

5.  My iBook is 6 years old. During my laptop’s existence, we’ve had to replace 1 hard drive (yikes… thanks for doing that, Dad!), 1 power adapter, and 2 batteries. The “a”, “s”, “c” and “e” keys are almost completely worn off. And now, the computer is shocking me. As in, electrical current runs through my body when I put it on my lap. When I touch Derek’s arm, he can feel the buzz… although maybe that’s the electricity between the two of us… ::wink wink:: Haha, just kidding. Derek is worried that I’m cooking my eggs, though.  My eggs.  And because we plan to have more children, it may be time to update my laptop soon.  Although as my uncle, the M.D., suggested, maybe we would end up having children with superpowers.  😉

Adelyn is 12 months and 4 weeks old.


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