Hello, separation anxiety

Addy has been super clingy for Momma lately and we think it’s because she’s developing a touch of separation anxiety.  She didn’t sleep well this weekend when we were in Austin (being in an unfamiliar place and all) so we think that compounded the issue.  Tired baby = cranky baby= clingy baby.  Poor Derek felt like Addy didn’t want to be with him at all but we both know she loves her Daddy.  I certainly hope it passes quickly!

Addy has also been exercising her right to throw tantrums.  I’m pretty sure she’s just testing the water though, seeing what my reaction is.  If she’s not happy, she plops down on the floor, leans forward, drops her head to her feet and then wails.  When she’s really ticked off, she goes all out and lays flat on her tummy with her head buried in her arms.  No kicking legs or pounding fists, but she just lays there like a rag doll, hollering out her anger.

I hope she’s not getting the “Terrible Twos” early.  Should I call it the “Ornery Ones”?

Adelyn is 12 months and 1 week old.


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