Monthly Update- 12 months

We have a 1 year old.  Can you believe it?!?!

Happy 1st Birthday, love bug!

Accomplishments this month: waves by opening and closing her hands as well as waving her arm; walks behind her Pooh Bear train; crawls with tummy off floor; gives kisses using her forehead; gives sloppy kisses with her mouth; sprouting her third and fourth teeth (top); climbs into and out of her red sports car; pushes car and train around by herself; snuggles; used her brush to comb her hair.

Personality: Opinionated!  As my Grandma Archer says, “She’s no pushover”.  She shrieks loudly to get her point across.


  • Songs: In the Jungle, all of the same ones as before
  • Foods: pot roast, cooked carrots, banana, cheese, noodles, avocado, cheerios, icing, ice cream, yogurt, blueberries, homemade pizza, mashed potatoes… she really prefers to feed herself now.
  • Activities:  walking alllll day; reading and sorting books; playing in her kiddie pool and walking through the splashpad; chasing Nova and pulling her tail (she really does this); riding in and pushing her red sports car; chasing balloons and balls; “running” (walking as fast as her feet can take her); pointing at pictures in picture frames; playing with pinwheels; “typing” on Daddy’s laptop;  bathtime!; playing with kids her age; unpacking Momma’s purse in the grocery store, in Target, at home; removing everything from Daddy’s wallet.
  • Word: Dada, Nana, ::shrieks::

Dislikes: sitting still; having her diaper changed; wearing shoes

Weight: ~16.5 lbs.


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