“We’re having squirrel for dinner.”

That’s what I told Derek this morning when I walked outside and saw, for the 100th time, that a stupid squirrel had dug in my herb pots. It really, really ticks me off. Really. They dig in my pots almost every day.

I originally planted cilantro, parsley, chives, rosemary, oregano, and some cucumbers and pole beans. Luckily my cukes and beans survived a marauding squirrel early in their sprouting stage, but the herbs have not fared as well. Those squirrels have dug up ALL of my chives and oregano, and only left me with a few sprigs of parsely and two sprigs of cilantro (I counted, I know). The rosemary is still intact!

But I’m still holding a grudge.

Whew, the cucumbers (left) and bean (right) are okay.

Can't say the same for these guys. Oregano (left) and parsley (right). Or should I say, nothing on the left and a bit of parsley on the right.

No Chives (left) and 2 sprigs of cilantro (right)

So, as I said.  We’re having squirrel for dinner.

Addy seems okay with it.


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