The consequences of growing up

Addy had her first major standing-related tumble this morning.

She had pulled herself up to standing by grabbing onto her new Little People Dollhouse (Thanks, Mom and Dad – pictures to come!) and fell forward and smacked her little head on the hardwood floor.

Oh. Man.

All you Moms and Dads out there know that sound – the gut-wrenching *thunk* that means your little one, your precious little angel, may have seriously hurt himself and is no doubt about to let loose with a scream.  The type of scream where they open their mouths, suck in air for 15-30 seconds before SCA-REAMING from the shock and pain of their ordeal.  The type of scream that makes you hurt because you know they must hurt.

Poor Addy.

She lay there, eyes squeezed shut, face red, mouth open, trying to suck in enough air so that the scream could do justice to her pain.  She eventually let loose, but by that time, Momma had come to the rescue and was holding her, rocking her and “shhhhh-ing” her to let her know it was okay.  She calmed down after a few minutes and I still have yet to find any bruises, so I think we came out of her injury essentially unscathed.

What can I say, Addy is growing up.  Such tumbles come with the territory.


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