Auntie Lindsay is in town

Hooray, another Auntie is visiting!!

Auntie Lindsay is here in White Oak until Wednesday, so Addy has been getting lots of love. She’s totally soaking it in too!

Auntie and Addy!


Hi Daddy!

Checking out Great-Grandmother's shoes

Practicing her little pincer fingers. Getting some cheerios!

Now I'm worn out, Mom. Too many cheerios.

Daddy and baby, out in the oil field!

Checking out the control panel on one of the pump jacks.

I am so helpful!

She loves being with her Daddy

Zivneys with one of Derek's wells

Inspecting the stuffing box

"The fence lock is my favorite."

"Ooooh, birthday cake! For me, Momma??"

"I love birthday cake!"

"What do you mean it's not my birthday cake???" It was for Derek's birthday on Sunday!

Blow out the candles!

Bathtime with Auntie!

Big girl in the tub!

I love bathtime!


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