Monthly Update – 10 months

Addy is 10 months old today!

I’ve decided to try something new, by writing a post dedicated to Addy’s current likes/dislikes, how her personality is changing, and her big-girl accomplishments.  I should have started something like this earlier, but oh well, it’s never too late to start.

Accomplishments: has perfected the “army crawl”; loves to stand and pulls up on everything; can stand by herself for a few seconds at a time; takes steps when holding onto your fingers; helps pull her arms out of her clothes when getting changed; plays peek-a-boo; practices waving bye-bye; understands what “no” means (well, she understands the tone, but that doesn’t mean she’ll necessarily stop what she’s doing 🙂 )

Personality: fairly outgoing; not too nervous around strangers; smiles for everyone; likes to wave at cars; stubborn streak is starting to show when she doesn’t get her way (i.e. if Momma or Daddy takes her away from something she wants); loves meeting other kids/babies her age


  • Songs: Three little fishes, The wheels on the bus, Music man, The farmer in the dell, Rock around the clock
  • Foods: Gerber yogurt bites, sweet potato, cheerios, tomatoes, avocado, popsicles (we made apple juice popsicles!)
  • Activities: being outside and going for walks; tearing Kleenexes apart; enjoys books (reading them with Momma and Daddy, chewing on them, turning the pages, etc.); loves music and jumping up and down to the beat; her nightly baths!; eating avocados off a spoon with Daddy; taking cheerios out of Momma and Daddy’s mouths; being tickled; chasing after Nova and trying to touch her fur; playing with her Pooh Bear train; still loves her pacifiers; watching “horseys” go up and down (aka. watching pumpjacks, just like her daddy); watching ceiling fans spin around; standing up in the bathtub

Dislikes: not being allowed to play with Daddy’s laptop keyboard (oooh, she’ll throw a hissy fit.  For those of you who’ve met Addy, you know she doesn’t do that much); green beans


And here are a few pictures to round out the post:

Playing with Mortimer, her moose

Mmm, teething ring. Check out my two little pearly whites!

I stood her up, and she grabbed the rail and hung on!

"I'm going to be doing this every day soon, Momma!"

Time to get changed!

Nakey baby!

Getting changed!

Taking cheerios from Daddy's mouth

Mmmm, cheerios

Thanks Daddy, it's delicious.

Yummo! Avocado!

Avocado sure is messy.

This is fun.

The aftermath of the avocado adventure - in the hair, on the face, covering the sleeves... it's definitely bathtime!


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