Spring has sprung.

At least in White Oak!

Although we technically have a week and a half before the first day of spring (March 20th – yes, I googled it), it seems to be in full force out here in East Texas. Birds are everywhere, flowers are blooming, trees have beautiful buds on them, the temperature is definitely warmer… it’s currently 75 degrees! It feels like spring.

Today on our walk, we decided to take pictures of some of the signs of spring. The streets in our neighborhood are named after trees and flowers: Tulip, Lilac, Azalea, Orchid, Honey Suckle, Magnolia, Ash, Pecan. Funnily enough (wait, is funnily a word?), right now the blooming plants are not on their respective streets. For example, daffodils are blooming on Lilac, pear trees are coming out on Orchid, and magnolia trees are on Pecan. That makes me giggle.

We have several yellow daffodils blooming in our backyard, so after our walk I let Addy examine the flowers up close and she seemed pretty interested. Could she have a green thumb?? I’m planning on starting a small garden soon, so maybe she’ll help her Momma out. Or maybe she’ll sit there and sample the dirt while I’m working. Just like my sister Kim, when she was little. That’s right Kimmy, I put it on the blog!! 🙂

Okay gang, let’s find some flowers!

Addy, just kickin it on our walk.
Daffodils are so cheery.

Beautiful pink tree. Not 100% sure what it is, but I think it’s a saucer magnolia tree (I also had to google this). This is different from the regular magnolia tree that I know and can recognize.

Our little pear tree, showing off its buds.

So pretty. Our neighbors have big pear trees with lots of little flowers on them (in the background, if you can make it out)

Daffodils in our backyard.

Hello little daffodil!

Addy and her daffodil!

Can I touch it Momma?

Really? I can?!

Okay, here goes!

It’s so soft and pretty.

“Gentle, Addy…”


She loves flowers!

UPDATE: Mom clarified the story about Kim eating dirt.

Way back when Kim was less than 2 yrs old, Mom and Dad built a deck behind our house (they are very handy people). Of course, Kimmy helped. This is what Mom said:
“We always assumed Kim was checking the correct depth of the post hole. She would ram this stick she was holding down into the bottom of the hole then proceed to suck on the bottom of the dirt laden stick to see if we had achieved the correct depth. How???? Why by taste of course… Who knows what goes on in a toddler’s head.”


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