Zivney family visit

Derek’s parents, Dan and Nancy (or Pops and Gram-Z) are visiting us in White Oak right now and it has been an interesting few days.

They arrived on Thursday afternoon and we had a good visit for the rest of that day, but come Friday morning, Dan was sick as a dog. A stomach bug from the airplane, we think. Oh it was bad. He was sick all day Friday, he was feeling pretty weak Saturday and he’s getting better today, but he just hasn’t been able to eat much of anything. And now, poor Nancy has caught the same thing. She has the rest of today and all day tomorrow to get over the stomach bug before they leave on Tuesday morning. What a way to spend the weekend… They haven’t seen us in 3 months, and they don’t even get to cuddle and love on Addy. 😦 They’ve been admiring her from afar though, and Dan has managed to take some great photos! Enjoy!

Big smiles when Gram-Z and Pops first arrived!

Happy Addy

Just thinking about how I don’t want to crawl.

Such a sweet face

I get to unwrap a present??!?!

I love wrapping paper!

Checking out my new outfits from Pops and Gram-Z.

Look at my beautiful new hat!!

Isn’t it nice??


Eating dinner with my new hat!

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