Addy’s second tooth.

Growing teeth sure is a painful process! Addy’s second tooth has started to cut through her gum, so she has been a wee bit cranky the past few days. I’ve started giving her stalks of celery to chew on and she seems to love that. It’s cold, it’s narrow enough that she can hold it in her hand, but it’s tough enough that she can’t bite any of it off. For her, it’s an ideal teether!

She’s been pulling up lately, especially on her Pooh Bear train. She goes from her butt to her knees, she just hasn’t pulled up to standing yet. We always joke that maybe she’ll walk before she crawls, but maybe it’ll be true! She still rolls everywhere, although she can do a mean cobra pose. She can spin around on her tummy (kind of like a break dancer!) when she wants to face a different direction, so that’s exciting too.

Addy is getting very good at waving, especially at cars that drive by. Sometimes they’ll wave back at her too 🙂 Oh ya, and is it too early for her to say her first words? Because we swear she says “cat” when she sees Nova. And I think she starting to understand that “Dada” means Daddy, because she looks at Derek when she says it. She says all sorts of syllables now – ma, da, ya, ba. I can’t picture her learning to talk because I still see her as my sweet little newborn, but it’s happening. She’s growing up!


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